About Punkin



— From Veronica Kelly: dear friend and adopted auntie of Punkin.

Rob rescued Punkin the day after Christmas 2010. She was a stray, born August 7th, 2010 on the streets of Oakland and ended up at the Tri-Valley SPCA in Dublin, CA. The shelter named this inquisitive 4 month old kitten Georgina, a name Rob found not quite fitting with her sweet personality. The name Punkin just came naturally. She was an exceptionally smart kitten and Rob managed to teach her 22 tricks in a very short time.

In January of 2015, at age 4, Punkin was diagnosed with an enlarged heart. Her Vet said she would probably live only one more year. To honor Punkin’s spirit, Rob was inspired to create a story about her. Punkin passed away on March 11th, 2016. But oh, she lived the life of 100 cats and touched 1,000 hearts in her brief time on Earth.

Rob chose to set the story in downtown San Francisco in 1975. In the 1970’s and 80’s, his mother worked downtown in retail, providing Rob with many childhood memories, taking the bus down to Union Square to meet her on occasion.

Long-time residents of San Francisco will enjoy the nostalgic salutes captured in the illustrations. It is Rob’s greatest hope that you and your children will find your hearts touched by the story of Punkin the Crabbit. She was and always will be an extraordinary animal with nothing but love in her heart. How sweetly appropriate that her only fault was a heart too large.

I first was introduced to Punkin shortly after Rob brought her home and instantly fell in love with her. As her adopted auntie I was always delighted to see her, spending time playing and being with her. She would always cuddle up and, in her way it was to say how much she loved me as well. Punkin was very special to me and I miss her every day. She is still part of my life, often in my thoughts and fond memories of the sweetest, smartest cat I have ever known.